Fluid Mechanics

The Study of How Fluids (Liquids and Gasses) Behave

Course Instructor

Jeffrey Brideau Jeffrey Brideau Author

I’m a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. While there I had some fun exploits at NASA in the Reduced Gravity Student Research Opportunities Program (we got to play in a weightless environment!). I had a few engineering jobs while at school doing programming for automation and the design of fluid metering and pumping equipment. My first full-time gig was as a test engineer for a semiconductor equipment company that made ion implanters (particle accelerators used to make computer chips). These machines had every nature of science and mechanics on-board from cryogenic refrigeration, to robots, to fiberoptic networks. I made my way up the food chain there before hanging a shingle over my own door at Intelligent Heat and Power, LLC. I’ve spent the last decade plus making a mark on the HVAC-R industry.

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